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Small selection of my primary professional skills.


I started off programming in C and C++ and have still used them for some recent projects (example in my portfolio). I primarily like to work in Java and related technologies for projects. I am currently enjoying Android development and working on adding Kotlin to my skills. When programming I work mostly in Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA and Atom, combined with Git.


My writing has always been my strongest natural talent, I am a freelance copywriter, ghostwriter and tech writer. Individuals and companies use my words for a competitive SEO advantage and for my creative knowledge. Content mills are draining, so im always on the look out for new clients to work with.
This is a field I would be interested in pursuing in my professional career. so feel free to contact me with any questions.

Lab Technician

Majority of my professional career has been as a Lab Technician in some form and later was combined with being a software developer. Ive worked as a technician in the University of Sussex for a little over five years, this has provided me with a very strong technical knowledge and understanding which influences my other skills heavily. I was often out researching and sourcing new tech for the Lab to be utilized and improve projects.


Showcase of Projects I've worked on

Lighting Controller

MTL studio Lighting

Sussex Conversations

University of Sussex

Projects for the University

Multiple Projects


Struggling and unemployed but not defeated! my natural proactivness kicked in and I decided one day to take control of my life and set out a plan for what I wanted to accomplish within the next 10 years,
This is a timeline of the accomplishments and experience so far.

  • Nov 2013 - Dec 2013

    Humble Beginnings

    I enrolled on a short course at a local college designed to improve yourself for professional work environments, provide interpersonal training and educate on work place conduct. This was over two months and at the end I was recommended for a work placement at a University. This is where my journey really began.

  • Jan 2014 - Sep 2014

    The chance

    After two months of work experience I was offered a permanent position within the 'Multimedia design and technology lab' at the University of Sussex. Due to my aptitude shown during my time there I was given an offer for a letter of recommendation to be enrolled on a course at the University of Sussex.

  • Sep 2014 - April 2018


    I enrolled on Computer Science with a foundation year, this was the biggest step and my main focus now. I thrived during these 4 years and I continued working for the Multimedia department during it all.

  • 24th July 2018


    I graduated with a respectable grade and high confidence in myself, now having the experience from my degree and from working at the university all that time i was ready to tackle the next chapter of my career.

  • May 2018 - Sep 2018


    As i had been working for UoS throughout my degree I went back into full time employment at the university now changing my role to software developer (Project examples in portfolio). This was perfect and i gained useful knowledge from working in a fast paced DevOps environment. At this point I also had other commitments in my personal life, this is where a big decision was made.

  • Sep 2018 - Present

    The Decision

    After debating with myself, discussions with everyone around me and as my projects and contract with the university were coming to an end, the decision was made to relocate to Thailand permanently.
    Feeling confident in myself I took this big step in my life to start what I see as an adventure and find myself a professional career, take control of my personal life and be who I want to be.

  • Be Part
    Of my

But what happens next?

Currently I am actively looking for opportunities and my next step towards my goals.
As I said at the start this was a 10-year plan and there are still some years left.
Interested to see if the next part of my story could involve you? I know i am! so lets have a chat.
Take a look at my portfolio, Linkedin, Github and feel free to contact me.


or don’t... I'm a tech guy, not a cop

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Ryan Ormond

Software Developer and Writer

Ryan is
thinking, creating , eating, studying,
programming, sleeping,
learning, Writing.

Why you should hire me:

As I mentioned in my skill section, I just so happen to be a programmer in Java and Android, writer/ copywriter and a tech guy.
You, as someone pursuing a candidate with one of these skills came to the right place. This is going great so far and we’ve only just started. But I’m not the only person out there with these skills. In fact, there are millions of people probably. We’re all so eager to tell you about how great and skillful we are.
Lucky you!

What makes me different? Why do I stand out?

I was employed by the University of Sussex for six years working in the Media Technology Lab (MTL), from my second to fifth year I was also pursuing my undergraduate in Computer Science. Whilst working and studying I discovered I’ve got the logical mindset required for programming and a natural talent for writing as well. This in turn reflects in my programming, being a writer means I comment my code with superlative documentation. It means I'm concise, efficient and have a love for good structure and readability in both fields.

Speaking about being concise who doesn’t love lists, I know how to:
- Use words like “superlative”
- produce academic level of writing and precision
- Write on a multitude of subjects
- Write and code in a concise and effective manner
- be a meticulous programmer
- use my extraordinary research and planning skills
- Deliver results that you will love.

Is that it?

Besides all that, you can rely on me to deliver on projects and tailor content to your needs. I bring a fun and engaging atmosphere to either wherever I'm working or whatever I'm working on and bring the ideas of projects to life.
Ive attained a high level of workplace ethics from working within an academic circumambient and am accustomed to dynamic work place environments.
With my writing I know how to use engaging and insightful sentences to make the reader hang on to each and... every... WORD.


- Java
- Android
- Git
- Website Copy
- Technical
- Newsletters
- Cover letters
- Ghostwriting
- Social Media posts
- Editing
- Proof reading

How much do I charge?


Positions as a developer are negotiable and obviously depend upon multiple variables such as the position, my relative experience and your company rates for example.
Writing, I am open to freelance, contract or just throw things my way if you need something. My rates start from $0.05 - $0.2pw depending on content and length, or maybe you prefer hourly $10 - $25phr. These can be negotiated depending upon the type or writing as listed in the points above.

Let’s talk business!

If I'm someone you’d be interested in working with, then it sounds like we have some things to discuss. I'm glad you reached this far in my bio; your attention is span is inspiring as this was a nearly a 500-word bio, so If nothing else, I wish you a good rest of your day.

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Business discussions, replies, opportinities or for a chat.

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EMAIL: ryanormond@rormond.com