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Small selection of my primary professional skills.


I started off programming in C and C++ and have still used them for some recent projects (example in my portfolio). I primarily work in Java and related technology for projects, but I am not averse to working in other languages. I am currently enjoying Android development and working on adding Kotlin to my skills. When programming I work mostly in Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA and Atom.

Technical Writing

My writing and documentation were always my strongest and highest marked projects throughout my degree and this proved useful when being employed by the University of Sussex as every project required accompanying documentation or reports. I decided to continue developing this skill and enjoy creating and designing clear concise documentation.
This is a field I would be interested in pursuing in my professional career. The main tools I have been using for any of my technical writing or otherwise are Adobe FrameMaker and Word.


Since a Hackathon that we hosted at my university back in 2015, where a Github representative came and gave a presentation I was immediately interested. This tool has had a huge impact on how I like to work and look forward to using Git or similar tools more in the industry at a professional level.


Showcase of Projects I've worked on

Lighting Controller

MTL studio Lighting

Sussex Conversations

University of Sussex

Projects for the University

Multiple Projects


A few years ago I decided to take control and set out a plan for what I wanted to accomplish within the next 10 years,
This is a timeline of the accomplishments and experience so far.

  • Nov 2013 - Dec 2013

    Humble Beginnings

    I enrolled on a short course at a local college designed to improve yourself for professional work environments, provide interpersonal training and educate on work place conduct. This was over 2 months and at the end i was recommended for a work placement at a University. This is where my journey really began.

  • Jan 2014 - Sep 2014

    The chance

    After two months of work experience I was offered a permanent position within the 'Multimedia design and technology lab' and due to my aptitude shown during my time there I was given the offer for a letter of recommendation to be enrolled on a course at the University of Sussex.

  • Sep 2014 - April 2018


    I enrolled on Computer Science with a foundation year, this was the biggest step and my main focus now. I thrived during these 4 years and I continued working for the Multimedia department during it all.

  • 24th July 2018


    I graduated with high confidence in myself, now having the experience from my degree and from working at the university all that time.

  • May 2018 - Sep 2018


    As i had been working for UoS throughout my degree i came straight out of my degree I went back into full time employment at the university changing my role to software developer (Project examples in portfolio). This was perfect and i gained useful knowledge from working in a fast paced DevOps environment. At this point I also had other commitments in my personal life, this is where a big decision was made.

  • Sep 2018 - Present

    The Decision

    After debating with myself, discussions with everyone around me and as my projects were complete and contract with the university was coming to an end, the decision was made to relocate to Thailand permanently.
    Feeling confident in myself I took this big step in my life to start what I see as an adventure and find myself a professional career, take control of my life and be who I want to be.

  • Be Part
    Of my

But what happens next?

Currently I am actively looking for opportunities and my next step towards my goals.
As I said at the start this was a 10-year plan and there are still 5 left.
Interested to see if the next part of my story could involve you?
Take a look at my portfolio, Linkedin, Github and feel free to contact me.


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Ryan Ormond

Software Developer

Ryan is
thinking, creating , eating, studying,
programming, sleeping,
learning, designing.

Currently living in Thailand enjoying the hot sun, the heavy rain, the delicious food and being with my family. I love exploring the mix of cultures and local area while interacting with the community around where I am living.
Along with programming I like to improve and practice my technical writing skills and work on projects in some of the places i’ve discovered such as mountain areas, by waterfalls or even just a unique cafe.
In my spare time i enjoy reading fantasy novels, watching documentaries, and going out with family and friends.

I am open to offers that suit my experience or interests and currently looking for roles in a company I can grow with. I am confident in myself and bring some key experience and initiative already from previous employments.

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